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April 09, 2008

Visitors from way up North

Yesterday Uncle Chas, Chas Jr, and Melissa came for a visit.

Uncle Charlie and twins.JPG

Chuck Melissa and twins.JPG

And they came bearing gifts! Aunt Ellyn made us this needlepoint wonder...

Aunt Ellyn gift.JPG

...which is absolutely beautiful and looks great over the piano next to the one Kim made us for our wedding.

Chuck and Melissa bought the twins some cute coordinating onesies that have a little pocket on the front so they can safely store their pacifiers. We talked about their very cool wedding plans. Uncle Charlie, Chuck and Tim swapped stories on the strangeness of the south. Melissa talked about the Civil War reenactments where the person who draws the short straw has to fight on the Union side.

Best line on the south of the night--commenting on the Stone Mountain carving, Chuck says, "Why did they carve three traitors into stone?!?" That wouldn't quite fly in the land where they still call it the War of Northern Aggression. (ominous banjo music heard in the background)

We got to talk to Aunt Ellyn AND Amy on Chuck's cell phone. Amy caught us up on all the latest Amy news that is happening in the world of Amy (her new job, her new boss, skating, basketball, the cool dudes on American Idol, etc.)

Melissa also told us that family members are reading our blog. Hi Lynn and Mike! Hi Amy and Aunt Ellyn!!! We wish that we could keep up with everyone as well as we'd like, but we're so glad that you're reading what's happening in our little family. We miss you all!!!!

'Way Down South , deux bebes | By Tim and Jo | 06:25 AM

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