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January 10, 2009

First trip to the zoo

We went with all the cousins, Jonathan and Beka Hastings and their kids, to Zoo Atlanta the other week. It was the first time that any of them had been to the zoo.

We saw monkeys.

monkeys 1.JPG

Oh wait, there they are!

monkeys 2.JPG

And lions and tigers and snakes and elephants.

But I think our kids loved the petting zoo the best. I love Elanor's magic finger touch here. These days, the magic finger gets combined with the more sign on a regular basis, as in, "I want more of that. NOW!"

Ian and pig.JPG

And I love Ian's slightly mischievous curiosity in this picture.

magic touch.JPG

And the way Ian and the goat are looking at each other like they're long lost friends!

Ian and goat.JPG

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ta paidia einai polu mtorspa! polu kali prospa8eia, polukali douleia kaipolu kefi! foberes fwnes kai polu kales epiloges! 8eloume ki allo red hot! o an8rwpos to exei!!!! bravo mpardaki gia tin sunenteuksi! eisai polu kalos! bravo kai pali bravo!!!!!!!!!! A!!! KAI PALI BRAVO!

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