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August 1, 2009

Petting zoo

We went to our local library this morning to return a couple of DVDs and pick up a free park pass (btw: Athens friends, you can "check out" a park pass good for all of the Georgia State Parks at the library), and found out there was a petting zoo going on. The kids were ecstatic!

After a formal handshake, Ian and the goat were ready for a closer acquaintance.

Ian and goat 2.JPG

Ian and goat 1.JPG

After an informal toe nibble, Elanor and the other goat were ready for a closer acquaintance.

Elanor and goat.JPG

Elanor and goat 2.JPG

Ian was already familiar with zebras from the Old Bear stories (in British, of course, pronounced as zeh-bra with a zed).

Ian and zebra.JPG

Elanor was quite taken with the snake.

Elanor and snake.JPG

And that'sssssssssss all folkssssssss!

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I love this! They are growing so fast! Sooooo cute! I can't wait until Jude is old enough for the petting zoo:-)

Posted by: Lisa Roerdink at August 16, 2009 9:24 AM

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