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August 20, 2009

The twins meet the great Poseidon

beach path.JPG

We stayed in a lovely condo on Hilton Head Island about two blocks from the beach. The pathway to the beach was lined with palm trees, which was great for entertaining the twins on the walk. We stopped and gave them a piece of branch or some of the fuzzy grass that grows on the trees. The twins would turn it in their hands and investigate it with their fledgling botanist sensibilities. Along the path we saw some bunnies being all bunny-like and the kids were excited. As we passed them, Elanor said: "bunny numnu byebye" ("goodbye to the rabbits who are snacking on grass").

bunny numnu.JPG

The beach was beautiful. We called it "bath" for the twins, to provide some context for their little minds. With a little trepidation, they watched the water fill their sandals. Soon they were loving the sensation of water on toes and started giggling.

twins on beach 1.JPG

twins on beach 2 (2).JPG

Elanor beach looking down.JPG

Elanor, especially loved playing in the sand.

Elanor scoops.JPG

Dinosaur and Kangaroo watched in dignified disbelief as Elanor dumped sand on her Grandma's knee. I say, old chap, the manners of kids these days!

dinosaur and kangaroo.JPG

Daddy loved it, too, as apparent by the ginormous holes that he dug and the artwork he did with the gooey grey goop he brought to the surface.

Tim digs.JPG

Tim's beach art 2.JPG

Then we found another beach a mile away that was even better. Nearby there was a "run through" fountain for kids where spouts of water would shoot up intermittently from the ground. They loved it! Lots and lots of giggles. The twins would try to "catch" the water with their hands. Then they got brave enough to put their fingers right on the spouts and the water would spray in their faces. The fountains were also a good place to wash off the sand after being at the beach.

Ian fountain.JPG

Elanor fountain.JPG

Once we had familiarized them with the concept of beach, we tried to teach them the word. We worked hard (and not too successfully) on making sure that they used the long "e" sound in beach. Oh well, can't be worse than when they tried to imitate their Grandpap's, "oh shucks" (mess up either end of that word and you're in trouble!).

Next up...some random adventures we had on vacation (including "aaaaaagators" and boats).

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