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March 29, 2010

Earworms Terrorize Innocent Parents of Twins!

Tim: Yes that would be a current headline on the front page of our lives. Joanna recently bought this CD for her and the twins to listen to in the car in their weekly trips to Atlanta.

Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection

This is a collection of great American and International children's songs sung by performers such as Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger and Ella Jenkins.

This CD is quite educational. For example:

1) We've leaned that Woody Guthrie makes excellent car sounds.
2) We've learned all about animals, even rare ones like gerenuks and kudus. And no, kangaroos don't come from Africa, they come from Australia.
3) We've learned that "London Bridge is Falling Down" sounds awesome with a Calypso beat.
4) We've learned that a "clacker" was a coin that coal miners used to buy goods. But they could only use it in a store owned by the coal mining company.

The only problem with this CD is how many times it gets played. The twins want us to play it ALL THE TIME. And I mean ALL THE TIME. So the songs get so stuck in our ears that no amount of dynamite will blast them out. These earworms are merciless. These tunes pop up in our minds at all hours of the day and block out any other music in there. The songs are sometimes the soundtracks to my dreams. They've been know to banish even Bach and Mozart.

And some of the songs are downright annoying. Pete Seeger seems to have a strange obsession with roosters:

Exhibit A:

"All around the kitchen, cocky doodle doodle doo
All around the kitchen, cocky doodle doodle doo
Put your right foot up, cocky doodle doodle doo
Raise your left hand high, cocky doodle doodle doo
Now you stop right still, cocky doodle doodle doo"

Exhibit B:

"I had a rooster and the rooster pleased me
I fed my rooster on a greenberry tree,
The little rooster went cockadoodle-do-de

Then there's Cisco Houston with his blasted dogies:

"Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, git along little dogie..."

And I thought the "Hokey-Pokey" was bad!

Curse these hideous earworms!

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Hey Joanna, if you think that the kids are old enough to enjoy it, we could meet you three at Jeff's station and the guys do tours (good PR) of the station and the fire truck and ambulance (if it's in). Then we could swing around behind there a mile or two to the Yellow River Game Ranch. If you don't think they're quite ready for a fire station tour, we can plan for it later.

Posted by: Lisa R. at March 29, 2010 4:10 PM

Lisa, that sounds SOOO fun! I didn't realize you were so close!!!

Posted by: Jo at March 29, 2010 4:46 PM

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