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July 15, 2011

First tomatoes

first tomatoes.jpg

We came back to our garden, on the cusp of tomato season. And a neighbor who is out of town offered to let us plunder their garden as well.

I don't even remember where I first got this recipe--Epicurious? But I've been tweaking it every year, it's our favorite way of enjoying fresh tomatoes. And it doubles as amazing bruschetta topping.

Fresh tomato and brie pasta

Tomatoes, whole if very small, halved, quartered, diced, whatever. A pile of them. Different colors if you can manage it.
Garlic: 1-2 cloves, minced
Brie--cubed (or other cheese-feta is nice, as is parmesan, but brie is mindblowing here)
Olive oil--a splash
Balsamic vinegar--another splash
Basil--I just grab a handful and scissor it in (or use other herbs--this time I used some tarragon, basil and lemon thyme from our garden)
Salt--to taste

Pasta--short is nice here, but if you have long, that works, too.

Boil water and salt for the pasta, and then cook until al dente. Meanwhile prep and combine all ingredients in a bowl. Drain the hot pasta and toss in the bowl. That's it.

tomato and brie pasta.JPG

Now, Tim likes his warm. So, I put everything except for the cheese in a saucepan, and just barely heat it, medium-low, not even to a simmer, just barely warming it. Then I add the pasta and the cheese.

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