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September 20, 2011

And now it is time for Princess Songs with Elanor and Silly Songs with Ian...


Backdrop: Elanor has a genre of songs that she makes up called "the princess songs." Imagine lines like this sung in a raspy, toddler contralto, "Belle lived in a CASTLE and she liked BOOOOOOKS!"

Elanor: Mama, I want to sing you a princess song. Which one do you want to hear?

Me: How about...Ariel?

Elanor: No. There's a bad shark in that one.

Me: Okay--what about Sleeping Beauty?

Elanor: No--there's a bad shark in Sleeping Beauty.

Me: In Sleeping Beauty?

Elanor: Yeah, in my Sleeping Beauty.

Me: What about Cinderella?

Elanor: There's a bad shark in Cinderella. Ohh, how about I sing you a new princess song. I'm going to sing you one about Rapunzel.

Me: Okay! Sing me the Rapunzel song.

Elanor: I can't sing you one about Rapunzel because I haven't "heared" it. No one has ever "heared" it. I could sing you the Silly Princess Alien song, but I don't want to. Ian, sing the Silly Princess Alien song.

Ian (to "Clementine"): String of nonsense syllables followed by "Oh my darling, Clement-alien."

Everyone: *giggles*

Elanor: Now sing the Silly Unicorn song.

Ian (to "Clementine"): Unicorn-in, unicorn-in, unicorn-in, unicooooorn....

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