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May 28, 2008

Happy boy!

happy Ian 1.JPG

happy Ian 2.JPG

hap Ian 3.JPG

Hap Ian 4.JPG

Hap Ian 5.JPG

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May 05, 2008

Baby wedgie

baby wedgie.JPG

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Help--I've rolled and I can't get up!

Baby roller.JPG

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April 22, 2008


I heard an angry cry from Elanor and rushed into the living room to find this.

wrestling 1.JPG

It's WWF baby style! Ian the Enforcer is hulking up with his no holds barred approach. Will Elanor the Baby Faced Diva pull a two-and-a-half count or is she busted open? Is this flat back bump the end of her wrestling career, or will she come back with a flair flip? Stay tuned next time...

wrestling 2.JPG

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April 08, 2008

Ian the Independent

Ian holds bottle.JPG

"I want to hold it myself!"

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April 02, 2008

Grabbing grandpa's beard

grandpa beard.JPG

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March 19, 2008

Ian intensely indulges his interest

Okay, I know the controversy over kids and TV, so we don't let him do it much. But he's so darn cute! Sometimes he even sits there conversing with the characters, "Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. Awooayoo."

Ian and TV 3.JPG

Ian and TV 2.JPG

Plus, if the TV's on, it doesn't matter what way we place him, he finds a way to see it.

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March 14, 2008

Much reading is a weariness to the flesh

Ian and Tolstoy.JPG

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March 04, 2008

Our little Linus

Ian loves to cling to things. Clothing. Hair. Flesh.


So, we recently introduced him and Elanor to blankies. Elanor was mildly interested. He adores his.

Notice the difference between these two photos. In the first, I have just given him the blanket. His face is tense. His fingers clench it nearly to the point of white knuckles.

Ian with lovey.JPG

Moments later, Ian is calm.

Ian with lovey 2.JPG

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February 20, 2008

Ian & Elanor Celebrate

adorable duds.JPG

Ian: Why do they have us dressed up in our adorably coordinating duds?
Elanor: I think it's for our third month anniversary.

twins toast.JPG

Ian: I'll toast to that [with non-alcoholic milk]!
Elanor: And I'll second the motion!!

Later on...

Elanor arms 1.JPG

Elanor: Woohoo!!

Elanor arms 2.JPG

Elanor: Yeah, baby!!
Ian: Are you sure there wasn't anything in that "milk" they gave you?

Elanor arms 3.JPG

Ian: Put that arm down. This is embarassing both of us.

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February 11, 2008

Poll: Who does Ian resemble?

Ian, sweater.JPG

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January 17, 2008

Ian's first smiles

They're so ephemeral that they're hard to capture on film, but here are our first attempts!

Ian first smile 1.JPG

Ian first smile 2.JPG

Ian first smile 3.JPG

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